Who says you can’t get a good TV for a low price?

For only $349 – $329 on sale the last I saw – this TV is decently priced. The product I am talking about is the Element ELEFT406. This 40-inch LED backlit is one great deal for the price at hand. While a 40-inch may be considered on the small side for a family living room, I had no issues sitting back and enjoying the quality that came from this display.

Now while this panel does not have the internet connect-ability or apps you see on the new “SmartTVs” out there, paired with any roku player or similar set top box, you will certainly be happy with your choice. This brand is much simliar to those of Insigna, Westinghouse, and other the brands most commonly know as the Wal-mart or Target brand.

From my personal usage, I ran both my PS3 and PC through the display and I can certainly say I was pleased.


This 40-inch has a relatively thin bezel. In fact the entire frame itself is thin and depth wise, this panel takes up nearly no room at all. Now while the stand does not have any tilt or swivel options, sitting on the right sized stand, you should have no problems.

Element 40-inch ELEFT406

One con that some individuals may have is the fact that the control panel/buttons on the TV are located on the bottom right of the display under the frame. For some these may cause an issue of not being able to see what each button does, especially for that horrific moment when your remote’s batteries die.


This TV comes equipped with 3 HDMI connections, one also has the ability to use MHL with your mobile device, standard and HD component and composite plugins, an RF coaxial plugin for cable, and a VGA input as well as a 3.5mm input and output for headphones and external sound devices.



I personally love the picture quality and you can certainly tell the difference between normal 60Hz displays and this smooth 120Hz panel. As well as running at 120Hz, it’s also capable of 1920×1080 when running off a computer with only a 6.5ms response time. Your menu option for adjusting sound and picture are basic but allow you access to all that’s important. My one peeve is the fact that you are unable to rename inputs, even with how trivial this must sound, it is a nice feature when you have several game consoles or cable boxes and such plugged in.


If looking for a decently inexpensive TV and you want some good quality, look no further. This display will serve you right.


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